Thai Place

This is our favorite, favorite Thai restaurant!  Nina is our favorite, favorite restauranteur.  She deserves every accolade for running an incredibly successful business and keeping the atmosphere so homey, family friendly, filled with love and hugs.  Love her and her food.

It is one of those places that we take all of our company to.  So much so, Nina knows pretty much everyone in our family.  And remembers them.  And, Nick is still her “boy friend” even though he is twice the size he used to be when we started eating at her restaurant.

We’d follow her to any where if she left College Park.  Heck, I think our family would follow her to Thailand!

Thai Place

Our Usual:
Mark- Chicken Satay, Sizzling Beef (Thai Steakhouse), Sweet Mango with Sticky Rice
Debbie- Siamese Duck topped with Fresh Hot Basil Sauce
Sophie- The King & I (Prawn)
Nicholas- Honey Roasted Duck

Points of reView:

  • Would I eat my meal again? Yes
  • Would I come back to try something else?  Yes
  • Would I use the bathroom? Yes
  • Was it worth the money? Yes
  • Are we coming back? Yes
  • Rating: 5 of 5
  • How many times have I eaten here? >20 (way way way more if we included Thai Cuisine. We have been her patron for over 10 years.)

Yummy-i-e-i-o!!  3 Kisses Award!


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